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  • Wet Electrostatic Mist Precipitators For Sulphuric Acid Plants

A wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP or wet ESP) operates with water vapor saturated air streams (100% relative humidity). WESPs are commonly used to remove impurities from the acid mist from industrial processes. The WESP is also commonly used where the gases are high in moisture content. This is a crucial process as it lessens the impact on the environment and leads to the creation of a by-product which can be used in other industries, i.e. electro winning process, swimming pool water purification, etc.

John Turner And Sons has also branched out to provide a plastic tube variation in additoin to the regular lead tubes.

  • Lead Lining Of Vessels And Pipes

John Turner And Sons offers lead lining services for pipes and vessels to protect against chemical corrosion for the storage, gas cleaning and usage in pressure leach vessels for the mining sectors (platinum, copper, zink, etc). Lead lining is an crucial process in the mining industry as it protects against chemical wear and tear resulting in an improved lifespan for the vessels.

  • Homogeneous Lead Lining Of Pressure Leach Autoclaves

This is a highly complex task requiring specially trained artisans in the homogeneous application of lead. The purpose of this process is similar to regular lead lining but with a far superior end result as the lead is homogeneously welded to the steel giving an air-tight bond between the two metals which offers superior mechanical protection and vessel lifespan.

John Turner And Sons also perform homogeneous lead lining on the entire incide of calcine reactors.

  • Fabrication Of Lead Tube Gas Star Coolers

Gas Star Coolers are designed to cool the gas released from industrial metal smelters. John Turner And Sons has manufactured over 40 of these vessels and delivered them from the copper mines in Zambia to the platinum mines in Rustenburg, South Africa. These Gas Star Coolers are available in different sizes with the smallest being 121 tubes and the largest being 547 tubes.

  • Fabrication Of Heating And Cooling Coils For The Chrome Plating And Paint Pigment Industries

John Turner And Sons manufactures many different types of cooling and heating coils ranging from the electro plating of chrome to acid cooling in the paint pigment industry.

  • Specialists In Lead Cladding And Lead Flashing (Architectural)

John  Turner And Sons has been involved in the lead lining of rooftops on large corporate structures in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, in South Africa. The lead that John Turner And Sons applies is rolled and manufacturing in-house to the specifications of the client (thickness, width, length, etc.).

John Turner And Sons has also been involved in the lead lining of X-Ray rooms throughout major hospitals in South Africa, and for radiation shielding for the storage of isotopes.


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